Reading with a child every day nurtures vocabulary, language, and early literacy skills. It also builds the child’s confidence to work through challenges and difficult tasks. In addition, reading helps to improve social and emotional development, which is essential to the child’s wellbeing. Children who are exposed to reading, verbal communication, singing, and rhyme games obtain better literacy development.

You will be making arts and crafts activities to go with the story. Over time, once you have enough props read the story again and allow the child to use them to sequence the story. To start with, let the child sequence with the story still in view. Once the child acquires some practice, let him/her retell the story without the book in sight.  Remember, do not be hasty to correct the child, give him/her the opportunity to answer questions and discover where he/she is going wrong. Praise your child for trying and doing well.

Once all the arts and crafts are made as suggested below, allow your child to create a story board and retell the story using all the props. It’s not about perfection but fun and practice. The child can be recorded whilst reading the story so that she can watch it later or share with friends.

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