Reading Month


Theme:    ‘Reimagining Education through Literacy Learning Spaces.’     

                  (Fasonnen Endikasyon pou li èk ékwi an diféwan sitiwasyon.) 

Tagline: Learning Everywhere: Anytime

Hashtag: #literacylearningspaces758 


Concept Note

The theme for the observance of International Literacy Day 2022-2023 is ‘Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces.’ This theme nudges us to reshape and recreate the traditional learning spaces often confined within a school’s walls, and embrace the ubiquity of learning. In our local context, our theme for this year’s celebration of Reading Month is ‘Reimagining Education through Literacy Learning
Spaces.’ (Fasonnen Endikasyon pou li èk ékwi an diféwan sitiwasyon.) This theme provides opportunities for integrative teaching and learning practices across the curriculum, for collaboration across communities, and for inclusion of resources, ideas, and partnerships. Ultimately, we need to be innovative in reshaping the education landscape and placing our learners on the world stage. …

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