Google Classroom Training on Coursera

All primary and secondary schools in Saint Lucia now have access to Google for Education domains. These domains make available a suite (G-Suite) of applications and tools that teachers, students and parents can use to sustain online learning activities and to augment face-to-face instruction. The Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations has launched a teacher training plan to improve teachers’ capacity in the use of Google Classroom and related applications. 

Thanks to a partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Coursera and the Department, training and certification for all teachers can be accessed at no cost. All teachers are encouraged to enrol in and to complete the following training program by February 15, 2021.

Training Program: Google Classroom Teacher Training Certification Program Phase I

Training Platform: Coursera

Application Route: (Please read details below)

Short Courses:

Course Names and Duration

  • Getting Started with Google Classroom – 1 hour
  • Create Online Classes with Google Classroom – 2 hours
  • Advanced Google Classroom for Education – 1 hour
  • Using Google Jamboard for Student Learning – 1 hour
  • Create a writing Rubric with Google Docs – 1.5 hours
  • Increase Student Buy in with Google Slides – 1 hour
  • Create Class Rewards with Google Slides – 1 hour
  • Implementing Parent Feedback with Google Forms – 1.5 hours 

Total of 10 hours

Program Access:

  1. Teachers who already have a Coursera account via the COL Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative can simply search for these courses on Coursera by name and enrol in each one immediately. 
  2. Teachers who wish to apply for the free training and certification program under the COL Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative, should submit an application via the following link.  An invitation link should be sent to you within 24 hours. Please note that you must be signed into your email account to access this form. Your email address will be automatically collected by the form : 

Training Deadline:

February 15, 2021 – all courses must be completed by that date.

Program Queries:

If you are having difficulties with accessing the free courses, please see link below:

Google Classroom Training on Coursera Support

Please share these Guidelines for Parents with the parents of students at your school. Their support is very important in assisting your efforts with online learning and helping your students meet their learning goals.

Have you completed your courses and cannot download your certificates? Follow the instructions at the following link to validate your ID on Coursera


Please email for questions, queries or clarifications needed.