The following is the established procedure for handing the repairs of eBook devices

  1. All devices needing repair should be deposited with the school bursar for forward movement to the IT Unit.
  2. The bursar will log the device number, student name and email address into the device repair request form.
  3. The bursar will arrange the delivery of the device(s) to the IT Unit.
  4. The IT Unit will inspect and undertake to repair the device(s) and or replace parts as determined necessary.
  5. The IT Unit will issue a notification that the repair is complete and if necessary, a payment slip detailing the nature and cost of replacement of parts on the device by email to the student and bursar.
  6. Parent/student will make payment of the stipulated amount to the bursar, where necessary.
  7. The bursar will issue the parent/student with a receipt, as proof of payment.
  8. The bursar will inform the IT Unit of the payment(s).
  9. The IT Unit will arrange for the delivery of the device(s) back to the bursar.
  10. The bursar will hand over the device to the parent/student who was issued a receipt.
  11. Bursars will keep records of repair requests and payments made for parts replacement.


The following form is to be completed by BURSARS ONLY. Bursars should use their Department of Education assigned email addresses to login to complete the form.

Device Repair Request Form