The Curriculum and Materials Development Unit (CAMDU) of the Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations has secured funding from our education partner UNESCO to design an Implementation Plan for the application of the St. Lucia National Language Policy.

The Policy was developed under the OECS USAID Early Learners Programme in order to address the language needs of students in the early grades. The St. Lucia Early Learners Programme continues work in developing literacy competence in both students’ home and school languages.

The Implementation Plan will outline how the National Language Policy will be applied to education, including the timeline for implementation, and the associated costs.

How can you get involved?

We look forward to the completion of the St. Lucia National Language Policy and Implementation Plan, and its positive effects on language and literacy teaching and learning!

  1. Download the Draft Saint Lucia National Language Policy
  2. Find some Guiding Questions for reviewing the Draft Policy here
  3. Kwéyòl in Education Promotional Video
  4. Sensitization Session Registration Link
  5. Developing the Implementation Plan for the Language Policy


Development of the Implementation Plan will occur in four Phases: