Well done on completing your course or program. The Department of Education wants to keep an updated record of your continuing success. Please follow the instructions below to upload your certificate files as soon as you have completed your courses.

Kindly note that you are free to upload any Teacher Professional Development certificate that you have achieved recently.

Always make sure to name each file correctly.

Make sure your Full Name is the First Part of the file name.

Use the following format to name each file: [YOUR FULL NAME_NAME OF COURSE COMPLETED]

Example of a file name: Mary Baptiste_Getting Started With Google Classroom

Do not try to upload a folder at once. Upload each file separately.

Note also that only .pdf files are accepted.

The file size limit is 2MB.


After you have named your files correctly, please proceed to the form below:

[wordpress_file_upload uploadpath=”uploads/training-certificates” uploadpatterns=”*.pdf*” maxsize=”2″ placements=”title/userdata/filename+selectbutton/uploadbutton/subfolders/message” uploadtitle=”Select File then Upload” widths=”plugin:800, title:200, filename:200, selectbutton:200, uploadbutton:200, uploadfolder_label:200, subfolders:200, subfolders_label:200, subfolders_select:200, webcam:200, progressbar:200, userdata:400, userdata_label:300, userdata_value:400, consent:200, message:200″]