Blended Learning Approaches Webinar Recording

The Curriculum and Materials Development Unit is pleased to make available the recording and slide presentation from the Blended Learning webinar session delivered on the morning of Tuesday August 25, 2020. As teachers are contemplating how they will manage to help their students meet their learning goals, we hope that this session has gone a long way in helping to build confidence among participants.


We have also shared the link to the Canvas professional development platform. Canvas permits you to register an account at no charge. You will also be able to enrol in two courses on Blended Learning at no cost. These two Blended Learning courses have been developed by the Relay Graduate School of Education, USA. Both courses are self-paced and will require a minimum of six (6) hours each to complete. You are strongly encouraged to enlist and to complete both courses.


Slide Presentation on Blended Learning


Zoom Meeting Recording Files


Link to further training


  1. You can register a new account completely free on the platform
  2. The two courses to search for are:
    • BL-101: BEGINNING TO BLEND (K-12) – Try to complete before September 01, 2020
    • BL-102: ROLLING OUT BLENDED (K-12) – Try to complete before September 30, 2020