The new format is very simple but be sure to follow all instructions.

  1. Ensure that your name is at the top left corner of the answer sheet.
  2. Your student code will appear as a 1, 2 or 3 digit number under your name on your answer sheet. DO NOT  write or place any pencil marks in that area!!
  3. Your registration number will be the 5 digit number placed on your desk. This is the number that you must write on the stub of your question booklet.
  4. Make sure you shade the correct circle on your General Paper answer sheet to indicate the colour (Blue or White) of your question booklet.
  5. The only place that you should place any marks on the answer sheet is in the multiple choice circles.
  6. When you are shading your answer, be sure to shade the circle entirely without shading outside of the circle. DO NOT pierce the paper with your pencil.
  7. Use your eraser carefully. Make sure that your eraser is clean. If you need to erase or correct an answer, use your eraser to remove the shading without affecting the answer sheet paper. Make sure that when you are shading your new answer.
  8. DO NOT place any pencil marks on the barcode which is at the bottom right corner of each answer sheet!!

The following videos describe the new Common Entrance Multiple Choice Answer Sheet

Video Instructions for Students

Video Instructions for Teachers/Invigilators