Announcing the 2017 edition of the Technology Integration Teacher Training Program!

The Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations is proud to announce plans for the Technology Integration Training program for 2017.


This year, scholarships will be provided to 50 educators to enrol in the six-week online course in Virtual Tutoring.


For the first time, scholarships will be provided to at least 25 school principals to enroll in a blended (online and face-to-face) course in Leadership and Management of Projects for Innovation in Education.


The two online courses – in Project Based Approaches and Collaboration in the Digital Classroom – will be offered concurrently for this cohort.


A series of four one-day face-to-face workshops will be held as a component of this program. The focus of these workshops will be the use of the Google Classroom Learning Platform in schools.


All persons interested in enrolling in courses for the Teacher ICT Integration Training Program 2017 should follow the link below to complete and submit an application form. Remember that you must be resident and an active teacher in a public or private school in Saint Lucia to qualify for enrolment.


A policy aim of The Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations is to see that more training and professional development activities such as this are made available to all teachers.


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